Spark-Y Annual Internship

Real-world sustainable boot camp

Spark-Y hosts an annual internship every summer for youth around the country to gain real-world sustainable experiences through community partnerships. 60+ youth from Spark-Y school programs and applicants from job placement programs, college graduates, and graduate students combine into teams to execute sustainable projects throughout the Twin Cities. Teams are led by second-year internship graduates, to create a culture of youth development and leadership.


Youth participants in our annual internship:

Gain employment, entry to grad school, and admittance to special programs as a direct result of their experience.
Achieve a competitive edge with resume building and sustainability certificate.
Go on to create businesses or bring sustainable / entrepreneurial practices and thinking to their careers.



Make a sustainable difference in the twin cities:

Empower yourself to create change in your community. 

Spark-Y's summer internship is all about action and we are looking for the next group of hungry sustainable warriors that want to make an actual positive impact on the environment and in the community. So if you want to do something, not just dream about it, then Spark-Y is the perfect place to spend your summer.

Interested individuals are asked to apply for the internship. Chosen applicants will be assigned to a team to work on a dedicated project for the duration of the internship.  Placement depends on interest and skill.  Past projects include: microgreens production, rain gardens, timber frame pavilion construction, aquaponics systems, events, and growing and selling produce.

"Spark-Y has given me the confidence to know that I can do this. I had never worked with power tools before, I knew nothing about timber framing, and I had never gone to meetings. Now I'm doing all of it. I have matured a ton being here." - Makenna
2017 Intern, Team Leader timber frame pavilion project.

2017 Spark-Y Internship:

Join Spark-Y for our 7th annual summer internship!


Are you passionate about creating positive and sustainable change in your community?
Are you looking to build your resume and gain exposure to sustainability and green opportunities in the Twin Cities?
Do you want to grow, learn, take risks, and meet like-minded young people?

The Spark-Y Summer Internship offers an action-packed six week program that equips students and young professionals with experiences and tools necessary to succeed in today’s job market.  APPLY NOW.

You will work in small, dedicated teams to deliver projects that improve sustainability in the Twin Cities. You will be mentored through an intensive training in professional development and the skills needed for success. Teams will be working on REAL community projects funded through contracts with local businesses and partner organizations. As such, delivering high quality results is essential to intern success, as well as being key to starting your own business and being highly employable.  We can’t wait for you to be a part of it!

Internship details

Internship Location:
4432 Chicago Ave. S
Minneapolis, MN 55407
*and other project locations around the Twin Cities

June 5 – August 11

Hours - 20 hours a week (required):
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 10am-5pm

Spark-Y Sustainability Certification (Professional Credential)
College credit (case by case basis)
Competitive stipends are available


Apply By:
Sunday April 9th

Application consists of a resume with a cover letter.

This cover letter should highlight something in your resume that prepares you to be a Spark-Y intern, and should outline why you are interested in this opportunity and what you would bring to your internship team.

Send your resume with the cover letter by email to: Rhiannon Dalrymple, Spark-Y Program Director
via email:

2017 Internship Topics:

Entrepreneurship: Become highly employable by managing projects on a deadline and budget.
Sustainability: Designing our systems, economies, and environments so that they honor and support nature and take care of all our brothers and sisters.
Sustainable jobs in Minneapolis: You will meet a network of Spark-Y partners and learn about all the opportunities for jobs related to sustainability in the Twin Cities area.
Professional and job skills: Develop the undeniable skills that employers most look for: Leadership; Communication; Critical thinking; Teamwork; Problem solving. We will also explore project management, marketing, community events, motivation, integrity and attitude.
DIY bio: Further our mission by making biology accessible for everyone and developing/incubating new ideas.
Sustainable agriculture and systems thinking - Spark-Y uses sustainable agricultural systems such as aquaponics, vermicomposting, mushroom cultivation, school farms and permaculture inspired rain gardens for engaging learning tools for youth of all ages. Learn what they are, how they work, and their place in the social, economic, and environmental fabric of our Minneapolis community.


This is the big question we will be asking each of our interns in 2017:
What is it that each of you want to change for the positive?
Protecting the environment?
Helping others in your neighborhood, your community, the country, abroad?

The choices we make today create great impact on our tomorrow.
At Spark-Y we provide a path for young people to make real change in what they believe in.  Our work here at Spark-Y yields actual economic and environmental results through the decisions and actions we make as individuals and as a group. I look forward to taking action together, in what is sure to be the most inspired group of interns here at Spark-Y, or anywhere.

-Zach Robinson Executive Director