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2019 Online Plant Pre-Sale

Grow your garden while helping us grow our mission of youth empowerment!

Welcome to our Online Spring Plant Pre-Sale. Every tomato, flower, and herb you purchase here today goes to support our mission of youth empowerment. That means getting more tools in the hands of youth, more plants in our school aquaponics systems, and more Spark-Y Educators empowering even more youth throughout the Twin Cities. Thank you for your support!

Pre-Sale Overview: To make sure we have your favorite plants ready to take home the day of our May 4th Plant Sale, we are hosting an online Plant Pre-Sale until April 1st. Simply purchase the plants you like below and your order will be packaged and ready for pick-up at our May 4th Plant Sale, from 10am - 5pm. Please note, we do not accept returns or exchanges on plant purchases.

How to Shop Online: Browse available plants below. Use the drop-down menus to select your preferred variety. Select the quantity you want and click "add to cart." With every selection, your items are automatically added to the cart without having to leave the page. When you are ready, click on your cart to checkout.

Plant Pre-Sale Catalog:


Tomatoes, Individual 3.5” pot
Better Boy: Classic high-yielding tomato bred for disease resistance.
Celebrity: Traditional large, bright-red slicing tomato.
Sweet 100: High-yielding cherry tomato perfect for snacking.
Fourth of July: Early Maturing! 49 days to harvest. Medium sized fruit
Roma: The classic Italian tomato. Great for cooking & canning.
Heirloom, Amish Paste: A sweet heirloom cooking or slicing tomato.
Heirloom, Brandywine: Large flavorful blush colored heirloom grown since 1885.
Heirloom, Cherokee Purple: Beautiful large heirloom tomato with deep purple and green hues. Perfect for slicing.
Heirloom, Green Zebra: Looks just like it sounds! Medium sized heirloom tomato with a tart flavor.
Heirloom, Old German: Brilliant hues of orange, yellow, and red throughout. This tomato can grow to two pounds!

Tomatoes, 6.5” pot
Better Boy: Classic high-yielding tomato bred for disease resistance.
Early Girl: Bright red medium sized fruit. Matures early in the season, about 50 days after planting.
Cherry: This prolific plant will produce many bite sized fruits perfect for snacking on a hot day!



Peppers, Individual 3.5” pot
Ghost: 1,000,000 Scoville Heat Units. This is one of the hottest peppers in the world!
Habanero: At 350,000 Scoville Heat Units. This pepper is often used to make hot sauce.
Jalapeno: 2,500-5,000 Scoville heat units. This chili is used in many summer recipes!
Thai Hot: 50,000-100,000 Scoville heat units. This plant will produce many peppers, great for drying as an ingredient in spicy dishes, or to use as a pest repellant in your garden!
Poblano: Mild pepper, great for making chile rellenos!
Bell Green: This popular pepper is fantastic for cooking and snacking raw.
Bell Red: These sweet, bright red peppers can double as a green pepper, if harvested just before they start turning.
Bell Orange: The bright orange color of this pepper will add a pop to any salad or side dish.
Bell Purple: This uniquely colored pepper is sure to be the talk of the neighborhood!
Sweet Banana: Medium sized bright yellow pepper with a mild tangy flavor.



Vegetables, Other, Individual 3.5” pot
Cucumber, Pickling: These small, high-yielding fruits are the perfect size for pickling whole.
Cucumber, Slicing: Long fruits with thick skin, perfect for sandwiches or dipping!
Eggplant: This shiny teardrop shaped fruit grows much like a tomato, and can be the star of a great dinner such as eggplant Parmesan.
Squash, Acorn: This winter squash is also known as "pepper squash." It can be used in many autumn dishes.
Squash, Butternut: This nutty flavored squash has a brilliantly orange flesh, and a tan outer skin. Makes an amazing Butternut Squash Soup!
Squash, Zucchini: This summer squash will grow many zucchini if harvested young, or a few very large zucchini if left to grow.

Vegetables, Other, 4.5” pot
Asparagus: This perennial veggie will sprout in early spring, and grows thicker each year.

Vegetables, Other, 4-Pack: Includes 4 plants of the same variety.
Broccoli: Fun fact: this vegetable is actually a flower! Enjoy raw, or cooked in a variety of dishes.
Cauliflower: This brassica is a great source of Vitamin C and K. It makes for a fantastic mashed cauliflower dish.
Ground Cherry, Small Husk: Ground cherries (or husk-tomatoes), are sweet lantern-shaped fruits, with small tomato-like orbs inside a paper thin shell.
Lettuce: Perfect for BLT's, salads, burger toppers, and more
Swiss Chard: This tasty green will light up your garden with it's bright yellow and red stems!

Vegetables, Other, Gallon Pot
Rhubarb: A perennial plant with thick, tart red stocks often used for baking.


Fruit, Individual 3.5” pot
Strawberry, Everbearing: These strawberries will continue fruiting throughout the summer, and grow great in a container



Herbs, Individual, 3.5” pot
Basil: Tastes great in a refreshing caprese salad or margarita pizza recipe!
Catnip: Grow your cat a tasty treat from the garden this year!
Chives: With a garlic / onion flavor, this herb can be used for a dab of flavor in any dish. Fun fact: makes for a delicious addition to dips.
Cilantro: Bright green, citrus-flavored leaves make this herb a tasty addition to many summer favorites.
Italian Parsley: The name speaks for itself. This herb is fantastic for Italian cooking!
Lavender: Beautiful bright purple flowers produce a fragrant smell.
Oregano: This herb is known for its many culinary and medicinal uses.
Peppermint: With about 80 times more menthol than spearmint, this herb makes for a great pest deterrent in the garden!
Rosemary: This perennial herb can be used throughout the summer, and overwinters best indoors. Fantastic for a kitchen herb garden.
Thyme: Subtle and almost minty, this herb is wonderful with poultry and stuffing - and a welcome addition to soups.
Sage: Fabulous fresh or dried! A great herb for Thanksgiving stuffing.
Spearmint: Refreshing addition to a summer drink such as iced tea or lemonade.
Stevia: Grow your own zero-calorie natural sugar substitute.



Flowers, Individual, 3.5” pot
Black-Eyed Susan: This native flower is great for bees and monarchs!
Coleus: This vegetative bedding plant has bright red and green velvety leaves.
Gazania: This colorful flower is part of the daisy family, and reaches a height of 6-10 inches in full sun.
Morning Glory: This vining flower is perfect for creeping up fences, hanging in a basket, or flowing over a rock wall.
Nasturtium: Every part of this plant is edible! The flowers make for a great garnish, and the leaves have peppery notes.
Mexican Sunflower: This 3-6 ft plant will bush out and produce blooms throughout the season.
Wave Petunia, Purple: This purple petunia will fill in your garden with brilliant blooms all season long.
Wave Petunia, Red: This bright red flower is fabulous for pots and container gardening, or as a border plant.

4-Pack: Includes 4 plants of the same variety.
Marigold, dwarf, Disco Red: This bright red flower is a staple for Day of the Dead celebrations!
Marigold, dwarf, Yellow: This flower is a fabulous natural pest deterrent, and adds a pop of color to your garden.
Pansy Viola, Blue: This cool weather flower is perfect for spring planting!
Pansy Viola, Mixed: This mixed color blend is a great border plant.

Flower Baskets:
Petunia Surfinia, Many Colors: This classic flower basket will add a pop of color to your porch, deck, or awning.
Fuchsia Red and Purple: These heart shaped flowers flow from the basket in vibrantly colored puffs.
Calibrachoa, Million Bells, Sunrise: This basket is dotted with bright red, yellow, and orange blooms.