Flowers: 3.5'' Pot


Flowers: 3.5'' Pot


1 flower plant in a 3.5'' pot.

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Flowers, Individual, 3.5” pot

Black-Eyed Susan: This native flower is great for bees and monarchs!

Coleus - This vegetative bedding plant has bright red and green velvety leaves.

Gazania - This colorful flower is part of the daisy family, and reaches a height of 6-10 inches in full sun.

Morning Glory - This vining flower is perfect for creeping up fences, hanging in a basket, or flowing over a rock wall.

Nasturtium - Every part of this plant is edible! The flowers make for a great garnish, and the leaves have peppery notes.

Mexican Sunflower - This 3-6 ft plant will bush out and produce blooms throughout the season.

Wave Petunia, Purple - This purple petunia will fill in your garden with brilliant blooms all season long.

Wave Petunia, Red - This bright red flower is fabulous for pots and container gardening, or as a border plant.