Herbs: 3.5'' Pot


Herbs: 3.5'' Pot


1 herb plant in a 3.5'' pot.

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Basil: Tastes great in a refreshing caprese salad or margarita pizza recipe!

Catnip - Grow your cat a tasty treat from the garden this year!

Chives: With a garlic / onion flavor, this herb can be used for a dab of flavor in any dish. Fun fact: makes for a delicious addition to dips.

Cilantro: Bright green, citrus-flavored leaves make this herb a tasty addition to many summer favorites.

Italian Parsley: The name speaks for itself.  This herb is fantastic for Italian cooking!

Lavender: Beautiful bright purple flowers produce a fragrant smell.

Oregano: This herb is known for its many culinary and medicinal uses.

Peppermint - With about 80 times more menthol than spearmint, this herb makes for a great pest deterrent in the garden!

Rosemary: This perennial herb can be used throughout the summer, and overwinters best indoors. Fantastic for a kitchen herb garden.

Thyme: Subtle and almost minty, this herb is wonderful with poultry and stuffing - and a welcome addition to soups.

Sage -  Fabulous fresh or dried! A great herb for Thanksgiving stuffing.

Spearmint - Refreshing addition to a summer drink such as iced tea or lemonade.

Stevia - Grow your own zero-calorie natural sugar substitute.