Tomato: 3.5'' Pot


Tomato: 3.5'' Pot


1 tomato plant in a 3.5'' pot.

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Better Boy: Classic high-yielding tomato bred for disease resistance.

Celebrity: Traditional large, bright-red slicing tomato.

Sweet 100: High-yielding cherry tomato perfect for snacking.

Fourth of July: Early Maturing! 49 days to harvest. Medium sized fruit

Roma: The classic Italian tomato. Great for cooking & canning.

Heirloom, Amish Paste: A sweet heirloom cooking or slicing tomato.

Heirloom, Brandywine: Large flavorful blush colored heirloom grown since 1885.

Heirloom, Cherokee Purple: Beautiful large heirloom tomato with deep purple and green hues. Perfect for slicing.

Heirloom, Green Zebra: Looks just like it sounds! Medium sized heirloom tomato with a tart flavor.

Heirloom, Old German: Brilliant hues of orange, yellow, and red throughout. This tomato can grow to two pounds!