Spark-Y is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that empowers youth
through hands-on education rooted in sustainability and entrepreneurship.



Spark-Y serves its mission of youth empowerment through three branches: school programs, an annual internship, and an urban agriculture lab. These initiatives work together systemically, creating multiple touch points for youth engagement.

Collectively, these branches serve over 1,900 youth annually. 



The three areas we serve our mission:

School programs

We pair hands-on agriculture systems, such as aquaponics, with STEM-based curriculum focused on sustainability and entrepreneurship. Programs are customized to fit workshops, school / elective classes, and schoolwide initiatives, such as garden-to-cafeteria campuses. 

Urban Agriculture Lab

Spark-Y's indoor growing and production facility serves as a youth job path and sustainable revenue model. The UAL provides a research and testing laboratory for new sustainable innovations implemented into programs. Visitors are welcome to schedule tours of the UAL.

Annual internship

Each year, youth and young adults are offered an opportunity to participate in an annual sustainable boot camp. Interns gain real-world, entrepreneurial experience through sustainable projects executed with our community partners throughout the Twin Cities.