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Join our mission of youth empowerment:

The education experience for most youth has not changed since the industrial revolution. Young people are expected to sit in a chair for hours and memorize information. Success is decided by a grade on the top of a test.

At Spark-Y we are committed to radically changing the experiences our youth have in a school setting. Not only are young people bringing real solutions to today’s problems, such as environmental degradation, but we’re getting students up out of their seats. 

Youth in our programs design, build, and cultivate. They learn with their hands and their minds. Success isn’t a mark at the top of your paper or even how well the lettuce grew in an aquaponics system -  it’s about taking active ownership in your own learning. Youth in our classrooms grow food and sell it to cafeterias, then make a decision about what to do with the proceeds. Spark-Y youth use power tools, compost waste, and harvest fish. Our youth exit our programs knowing they have the power to plant seeds of positive change and watch them grow.

We need your help. Spark-Y has a long list of schools that want our school programs. With your monthly donation, we can provide the equipment, trained staff, and materials to make our programs available to more youth. This means more sustainable systems, more produce, and more empowered youth making a difference for themselves and the environment.  

The impact your donation creates:


Support hands-on learning.

A SEED investment of $10/month can provide equipment and tools for our classroom programs.


Bring sustainability to the classroom.

A CULTIVATE investment of $20/month can fund one student in building a sustainable system in the classroom.

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Empower a student for the year.

An EMPOWER investment of $100/month funds one student through an entire Spark-Y program for the year.

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Your Donation Makes A Difference:

Before being in a Spark-Y program 41% of students thought they could change the world.
After completing a Spark-Y program 94% of students thought they could change the world.

Thanks to your support, Spark-Y empowers over 1,300 youth annually.


Make a difference
for more youth:


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