Power statement: 
The one who gets it done. The tinkerer and communicator. Exhibiting the fortitude to troubleshoot without hand-holding, you are the gatekeeper of success for Spark-Y’s sustainable systems and the bridge between the Operations and Education branches of the organization.

Job Description:
This position works closely with both the Operations Director and the Education Director and is responsible for leading youth in building and managing sustainable systems for Spark-Y, as well as connecting those systems to hands-on classroom education. Systems safety, training, and care across our network of partnerships while engaging youth is a must. Spark-Y employs a broad range of sustainable and entrepreneurial systems including aquaponics, outdoor farming, greenhouses, vermicompost and mycology which provide meaningful educational opportunities in culinary science, chemistry, physics, and biology. These systems are constructed  and maintained using basic construction techniques, timber framing, plumbing, electrical work, and organic farming best practices. The position will also include developing and facilitating project-based youth programming, delivering materials, coordinating system design and construction, and management of results-oriented projects. 

Essential Job Functions:

Sustainable System Support & Build Facilitation - 40%

  • Manage the sustainable systems at one or more school and community locations, ensuring the space is not only clean and safe for regular student involvement but also yielding produce

  • Review “Systems Excellence Report” weekly to aid other Spark-Y staff in troubleshooting their assigned systems and ensure a baseline of system success is maintained

  • Visit high-need programs as needed in person to remedy larger issues

  • Participate in planning and execution of program “system builds,” sometimes as the primary lead

  • Lead a summer internship project with high school and college interns

School Program & Workshop Facilitation  - 40%

  • Plan and facilitate regular youth programming, training and empowering youth to successfully manage sustainable systems and connecting project-based learning to state standards in STEM

  • Coordinate regularly with school staff and other Spark-Y educators to plan and implement programming

  • Assist in facilitating workshops for community partners and school field trips at the Urban Ag Lab 

General Operations Support -15%

  • Aid in ongoing build-out and initiatives of Spark-Y’s Urban Agriculture Lab in NE Minneapolis, also assisting with tool inventory and general space cleanliness

  • Work with “DIY Bio Lab” team each Wednesday to make progress on school program related initiatives. Prototype, refine, and then implement in schools

Meetings / Admin - 5% 

  • Staff meeting participation, timesheets, and reporting

Reliable mode of transportation
Experience working with high school aged youth
Driver’s license

Desired knowledge areas:

  • Aquaponics 

  • Gardening / permaculture

  • Urban / indoor farming

  • Food systems

  • Culinary basics

  • Project-based learning

  • Construction / mechanical troubleshooting 

  • Composting / vermicomposting

  • Mycology / bioremediation

  • Arduino / coding basics

  • Behavior management

  • Biology and life sciences

Desired Experience/Education:

  • Bachelor degree

  • 2+ years experience in a related field

$28,000+ (DOQ)

To apply, send resume and cover letter to jobs@spark-y.org

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