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Interested in growing food indoors? Excited about sustainability? Curious about what goes on under all those bright lights at Spark-Y's Urban Agriculture Lab? You’re in luck! We are now offering workshops, open to the community, on some of our favorite Spark-Y topics.

Spark-Y Aquaponics Workshop

Tuesday, July 18 6:30pm - 8pm.

Join us for a hands-on workshop at Spark-Y headquarters and Urban Ag Lab. We’ll be exposing you to the basics of aquaponics and small scale food production, while we take a tour of our commercial-scale production facility.  Snacks and a beverage are included.


“This place is like Willy Wonka's lab for nutrient cycling...#Aquaponics, #Mushroom Cultivation, Science Lab, Urban Farming, #Vermiculture / Compost Tea, Education, & Youth Entrepreneurship...to name a few highlights of their work. If you live near the Twin Cities, definitely check out Spark-Y and keep up with their incredible work in our community and schools.” - Land by Hand

“Spark-Y has it all, from #aquaponics to #mushroom log inoculation, this educational incubator is a gem of the Twin Cities permaculture scene.” -Armel Martin

Your workshop ticket goes to support our nonprofit mission of youth empowerment through hands-on projects rooted in sustainability and entrepreneurship.

Our Spark-Y Aquaponics Workshop will cover:

  • urban farming
  • recirculating closed-loop systems
  • water chemistry
  • fish health
  • plant production
  • pest management
  • youth engagement
  • And nature as a model

Fresh produce, plant starts, fish, nitrifying bacteria starter media, and other aqua-products can be purchased pending availability.

Learn more and grab your ticket here: