• Spark-Y: Youth Action Labs (map)
  • 4432 Chicago Avenue
  • Minneapolis, MN, 55407
  • United States

Interested in sustainable agriculture? Or are you a Spark-Y supporter, wondering what we’ve been up to? We’ve got your fix! Join us on most Thursday evenings to take a tour of the Urban Ag Lab.

Spark-Y Urban Ag Lab boasts over 1,300 square feet of indoor growing space. The lab features commercial-scale aquaponics systems, as well as mushroom cultivation and vermicomposting. The Urban Ag Lab supports our nonprofit mission of youth empowerment by providing an economic model of sustainability, an innovation lab, and a pathway for youth employment. Your $10 tour ticket goes directly to support our mission of youth empowerment. Thank you!


Come learn how Spark-Y is using local, sustainable practices to empower youth while producing food, managing waste, and changing the world!

The tour will focus on our 3 main sustainable systems:

  • Aquaponics: Raising fish and plants in a recirculating system
  • Mushroom Cultivation: Raising oyster mushrooms indoors year-round
  • Vermicompost: A composting system that uses red-wiggler worms to dispose of organic waste, and produce nutrients

Learn more and grab your spot:


What others have to say:

“This place is like Willy Wonka's lab for nutrient cycling...#Aquaponics, #Mushroom Cultivation, Science Lab, Urban Farming, #Vermiculture / Compost Tea, Education, & Youth Entrepreneurship...to name a few highlights of their work. If you live near the Twin Cities, definitely check out Spark-Y and keep up with their incredible work in our community and schools.” - Land by Hand

“Spark-Y has it all, from #aquaponics to #mushroom log inoculation, this educational incubator is a gem of the Twin Cities permaculture scene.” -Armel Martin