This post was created by Spark-Y 2017 interns, Holland Neighborhood project:
Simon Kluzak, Kelly Kidwell, Evan Schumacher and Judy Anne De Veyra

About the Holland Neighborhood

Located in Northeast Minneapolis, the Holland neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods originated as working-class settlements for European immigrants to seek employment and a stable community. In 1924, a comprehensive zoning plan was established by the city of Minneapolis, allowing industrial factories and housing units to emerge throughout the Holland neighborhood. This zoning plan became the basis for the development of the Holland community, which now encapsulates the Edison Senior High School, the Northeast Branch Library, Jackson Square Park, a commercial corridor along Central Ave NE, a vibrant community garden, and the “Tot Lot” playground for children. The flourishing neighborhood also takes pride in its growing diversity, and is home to many people of diverse ethnic backgrounds.

Community Garden Project Goals

As a team of interns coming from diverse backgrounds and interests, we are excited to represent Spark-Y and serve the needs of the Holland Neighborhood. Throughout the duration of the internship, we will accomplish a multitude of projects centered around the improvement and development of the garden and surrounding area. In collaboration with our client, we will tackle the specific projects of carrying out a community work day and potluck celebration, designing and completing builds to implement greater sustainability and safety, and improving community and gardener outreach. In the previous three weeks, our team has made great progress on the aforementioned goals. We have administered a full-scale garden renovation and beautified existing structures, such as a bench area and the garden signage. We have also finalized a budget and design proposal for the compost bin build, interacted with client relations to further define project goals, established feasibility goals, and initiated planning and marketing for our community potluck on August 9th.

The “Community Bridge Day” potluck will be held on August 9th, from 4-8 PM, at the Train Park Playground on 27th Ave and Monroe St. NE in Northeast Minneapolis. It will feature garden focused workshops hosted by a University of Minnesota Master Gardener and a group of interns from Edison High School. The Holland Neighborhood internship team will also host a workshop on composting and hold a panel for any gardener questions. People can also volunteer in the beutification of the community playground. Tours of the community garden will also be available during the event. All is welcome to this community building event, and all are encouraged to bring a dish to share!

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